Phosphorous Heads

Lit by Atma Anur


 The story behind this recording made back in the mid 80’s  is simple and classic. Take a great studio (Coast Recorders or Hyde Street Studios), Atma improvising on the mic and the drums, a world class sound engineer recording in the control room (Mathias Mederer) on 2 inch tape, and a Neve board (no DAW recording in those days!) and there you have it! Another memorable musical adventure. People in Poland may remember other impromptu vocal events like “Every little lady on a Saturday night…” and ” I knew that I loved you…”, as well as the fact that they enjoy Atma’s singing, rapping and improvising on stage as a front man, just as much as they rock out to his legendary drumming. Who can blame them? 

There are countless unrecorded or unreleased performances throughout an artists’ career that remain unforgettable hits in the minds of those that had the pleasurable opportunity to witness them. The live enjoyment of some of these memorable events has been a common occurrence for American audiences at Atma’s performances for years, and more recently for his European audiences, not to mention the audiences at other shows he performed at worldwide.


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