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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Atma 1 Lizard King Krakow 27.12.12 Benefit

Atma Anur’s Facebook message to friends and fans

Happy and Blessed New Year everyone! ‘The Future’ arrives @Midnight… be blessed in it!!

The internet can be such a wonderful place! To be in contact with people from all around the world and share a feeling of love and appreciation… together, even though so physically far apart! Fb pretty much rocks for this reason… Thanks and blessings to my Facebook family. Looking forward to supporting each other in our love of music and life even more in 2013!

Atma 2 Lizard King Krakow 27.12.12 Benefit

Beautiful wishes, Atma! Thank you for your words! May you continue to be blessed and share the light of your talent with the world at your live concerts, in the recording studios and online!

Atma Anur’s message to our Phosphorous Heads Blog readers

It’s been a great year for blogging and sharing our thoughts. So glad to be in contact with our readers, and looking forward to continuing to light the fire of creative thought through music and love in 2013! Cheers everyone…