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The International Summer Jazz Academy 2012



“Oh man, I still remember when I got this vinyl [with Greg Howe, Atma Anur and Billy Sheenan] when it first came out… I wasn’t aware of Greg at the time (well, most of us weren’t), but I knew it was a Shrapnel release and it had you and Billy playing on it.  Having had studied the drums for a few years by then and being an eager newbie on the guitar and bass, I bought the thing just because I knew a Varney-record would mean serious business – and sure enough it floored me!  But the one thing that I still remember is mistakenly putting on the B-side first with my first listening (I *never* do that) and hearing that AWESOME shuffle groove of “Straight Up”. I was in heaven!! Little did I know that, upon flipping the side, there would be “Kick It All Over” et al… Another record that influenced me so very much…

Thanks, Atma! You’re the best! Hope to see you live one day, hopefully even play together…” 

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Jaan Wessman

“Atma is one of the best European drummers and

in my humble opinion in the top 5 drummers in the world.”

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Glyn  Stowell

Rock on ATMA – I’m listening SPEED METAL SYMPHONY right now – what can I say?? Tears running down my eyes describe the whole process – I’m happy for you – and ROCK ON!!

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Ellis Rezian

Wowww ! Lots of love brooooo ! Im happy and thankful to God for your friendship, inspiration (since my early years) !!! ATMAGEDDOOOOOON ! 🙂

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Jani J. Szentkiralyi 



The LIVE CD with selected songs from the Jason Becker’s NOT DEAD YET benefit monster show (November 13, 2011) in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Why monster show? For more than one reason. Check out the video below and think about any other drummer who can perform like this for six hours on end,  with some of the guitar world’s most appreciated shred heroes. Pure unadulterated, GENIUS! 

Stay tuned for Atma Anur’s MASTERCLASSES at the next edition of the International Summer Jazz Academy in Krakow, this coming July.

For inspiration, here’s one of countless testimonials from one of Atma’s former students over 20 years back.

Hello Atma, I followed you with Gregg Howe and Jason Becker when I was in high school and would have rather seen you play on more of the Cacophony albums. I learned everything you did with The Jason Becker and Gregg Howe. It was my goal to be able to do everything you did on those albums. They must have been a ton of fun putting together all of those odd time meters and displaced grooves. You helped me to become a better drummer 20 years ago. I wanted to say thank you. You above everyone else propelled me into someone that no one else could have done for those styles of music.

Alan Anderson